Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Procrastination, disengage!

*clench teeth* 
*roll eyes*
*sigh again*

This is me. Now. I have just suffered a MAJOR fallback at the hands of inadvertent procrastination. I never do so on purpose. Although I become highly aware of it from time to time. A simple mistake over a year ago has resulted in my being denied fiancial aid for this semester. And now I have to withdraw from my classes. Pissed? You betcha. But I'm really angry because I did it to myself.

There's a corralation here between the grind of shoveling out words for a novel every day and learning how to avoid procrastination. Discipline negates procrastination, for the most part. We can't forget that big hairy monster of fear. But fear wasn't the culprit in the case, so we'll let that slide. I see things in a whole new light compared to a year ago when I couldn't have made myself write everyday to save my life. You can't reap the rewards of your work if you leave yourself hanging in limbo. I kinda want to scream at myself in the mirror. What an idiot!

Chalk this all up to another life lesson. Procrastination can ruin your life. Okay, that may be a little overdramatic for my current situation. But it still means I'm out for the rest of the semester. Boo-hiss.   

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